Structural Inspection and Testing of Metal Street Lighting Columns

Rotten at root swage


Our revolutionary product dipstik® has the capability of directly measuring the wall thickness within the total length of the underground root section of a metal street lighting column or sign post without the need for excavation! Truly NDT

Our dipstik® technology is a development of the time proven remote field eddy current principle utilised within the oil, nuclear and aerospace industry for detecting corrosion and cracks.

dipstik structural inspection and testing for metal street lighting columns and sign posts

The measurement accuracy, repeatability and overall reliability of dipstik® enables a sound structural risk assessment to be performed to assess and prioritise the risk of structural collapse.

A Structural Risk Assessment can be used to plan and forecast column replacement programs
or maintenance budgets.

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Electrical Testing Limited

Electrical Testing Limited have a sole licence to operate the dipstik® technology within the United Kingdom.
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